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Power Forward and LEAD Mastermind Registration

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Congratulations on your decision to Power Forward and LEAD! Over the course of this Mastermind, you will meet like minded leaders whom you will get to know really well and vise versa, and build a community of support, empowerment and accountability. We will work together and help each other maximize impact, deliver results and instigate massive change!

By submitting this registration form, I agree and promise to:

  1. Uphold the members of my mastermind group.
  2. Treat all members with respect.
  3. Be present and focused during our meetings (no “multitasking”).
  4. Receive all feedback and guidance with gratitude and openness.
  5. Maintain the confidence of each member as a sacred trust; what is discussed will stay within the group.
  6. Strive to bring the best I have to everyone.
  7. Approach my mastermind with expectation and enthusiasm.
  8. Speak positively, withhold judgment, and look for the best solutions.
  9. Learn to the best of my ability and grow my business / organization.
  10. Uphold Project Instigate's core values: Innovation, ​Results, Credibility, Leadership, Connection, Respect, Learning, Having ​Fun.